Tracing oblivion

Porcelain and stoneware and video. Made with various techniques: Air pipe mold, milling molds, silkscreen, hand painting, 3D prints.​ 2012-2013

A project mapping the death camp Sobibor on the basis of maps which were assembled from testimonies and findings unearthed by archaeologists working at the camp in recent years. My father was one of the survivors of this camp and the works are objects of memory as I translate them into snippets of porcelain, characterizing maps and documents that have been included in project research. The work Dear Mr. Allash is linked to war industries and ideas on their basis. The video art Tracing Oblivion is a part of the project. Filmed in Holland's Den Bosche canals, 2013.

This project was created at the European Ceramic Center, EKWC, Holland.


Exhibited at two solo exhibitions:

 -Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2013

- Ceramics Museum in Berlin, 2015


Selected group shows:

- Florentine 45 - Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014

- Wilfried Museum, Hazorea, Israel, 2015

- Mémoire De l’Avenir Mda, Paris, France, 2015

- Eindhoven, Holland, 2015

- The Cube art place, Jerusalem, Israel, 2017