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Vase glowing pink

Press mold hand built, glazed porcelain and stoneware, 2014


This project deals with the vase on the axis of archaeology and the sculptural image. Between them, the emphasis on the vase which indicates a place, a period and a topography. The vase becomes a storyteller and the transmitter of time. The project began with the construction of two monumental vases of 185 cm, Sculpted in the hanging technique and three vase series of 45 cm Tipovase, landscape vase, Statuettes and a series of plates.


This project was created at the European Ceramic Center, EKWC, Holland.

Exhibited at the solo exhibition:

- Tel Aviv artist house, 2015, Curator: Irena Gordon

- Hecht Museum, Haifa, Israel, 2016

- Bank Discount Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2017

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